Bible Core Course

Understand God’s Word at a new level

Bible Core Course (BCC)

Have you ever wanted to better understand the bible? 

What is the BCC?

Would you like to know God more deeply through his word and find the hidden treasures in the bible?

The three month Bible Core Course is designed to help believers understand God’s Word at a new level. This school will allow you to wrestle with the Scripture, how to apply it directly to your life, and how to best communicate its truths to the world around you. 

Things you will learn:
  • An inductive method to help you study the bible. 
  • Different types of literature of the Old and New Testament: a gospel, Pauline letter, minor prophet, major prophet, revelation...
  • History of the authors, the audience and how it is applicable to us today. 
  • Inductive teaching that will help you to share the word's thruth with others. 

Lecture Phase

It will take three months to challenge you and give you the opportunity to read the entire bible, along with your classmates. Through an in-depth study of 14 books from the Old and New Testament that represents each literary genre of God’s word. Each week you will read a new book, its context and how to apply it. The BCC also provides a means of incorporating scriptures into areas of evangelism, prayer, worship and intercession.


There is no required outreach for this course. An optional outreach would be dependent upon the number and decision of students. The outreach normally connects with churches and young adult groups where there are opportunities to teach the inductive Bible Study method. There will be 2 weeks of preparation for teachings prior to being sent out for a 6-10 week outreach. 

School Details


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