School Of Intercessory Prayer

Practice and encourage the daily exercise of intercessory prayer and worship.

School Of Intercessory Prayer

The purpose of the school is to teach, practice and encourage the daily exercise of intercessory prayer and worship and to understand the character, nature, and ways of God in prayer, intercession, worship and spiritual warfare.

School description

The 12 week School of Intercessory Prayer will help us understand the significant place and practice of prayer in the believer’s life, and the role of worship and spiritual warfare in making disciples of the nations are taught through lectures, discussions, and research projects. Practical application includes coordinating and leading prayer and worship.

We believe that there is a house being restored these days that will be a point of priestly convergence where the children of God will gather to invoke the holy name of the Lord and command over what needs to be established on earth.


Typical Topics
  • Theology of Worship  
  • Great commission and the 24/7 prayer movement 
  • Eschatology 
  • Church History and Revival 
  • Warfare
  •  Growing in the prophetic 
     And many more

Lecture Phase

This place of connection between heaven and earth is called the house of prayer, where day and night, night and day the Lord is adored, revered, acclaimed and enthroned, from this place acts will be expedited of justice on earth. Jesus said will not justice be done to those who cry day and night? We believe this will happen in every nation on earth. The more we see his day approaching, the urgency of a intensification of this search and this alignment of the children of God This school aims to equip, train, impart gifts and transition your understanding and functioning for the work of the ministry and the ministerial service, ordering the priorities and motivations where all your expression in service flows from the love of devotion and Intimacy with the Lord.

Why San Jose?

Costa Rica is known for its nature and diversity of animals, landscapes and beach coastline. San Jose is located in the Central Valley, a city in the hearts of mountains. 

Coming to the Pura Vida “pure life” Nation, our location brings a lot of opportunities to spend time with God and an enjoyable place to study the Bible.

As Psalms 23:2 “He makes me lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside the still waters”.

School Details


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Prayer Room 

Intercession and worship for the nations

Prophetic Worship

Studying the spiritual disciplines

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